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Launching into a new market is such an exciting - but hugely daunting - prospect. And the US? Well, probably the most overwhelming of all.

But it needn’t be. Jac + Bean’s job is to take away your fear, offer you our expertise and manage as much of the process as you wish.

We take a holistic approach to business development, which encompasses brand marketing, PR and sales & distribution. Basically think of us as your Little Black Book here in the land of opportunity.

Through our years of research and experience, trusted local relationships and on-the-ground insights and capabilities, Jac + Bean has the action plan you’ve been looking for. Of course there’s no ‘one way’ to crack the US market, so our strategies are always tailor made to best fit your brand, industry, market position and budget.

Our core services include:



Brand Positioning. Strategy + Implementation. Community Management. Digital Advertising.

Public Relations

Press Coverage. Influencer Collaborations. Seeding. Events

Sales + Distribution

Lead Generation. Commercial Partnerships. Showroom Management.

Content Creation

Photography. Videography. Lookbooks. Editorial. Social Media.


Credentials + Kudos

With great possibilities comes great responsibilities, so commitments to our clients’ goals is not something we take lightly. Just ask some of them:

“jac + bean are exceptional to work with. Not only are they responsive and pro-active, they bring clear and creative insight to a project/task with thorough sophistication".
Ameé Allsop, Founder, Ameé Allsop Studio

"Georgia was a great asset to our business. She truly understood the core of Blunt’s brand value and was adept at strategizing, identifying and executing on partnerships with other companies with whom our values aligned".
Mark Duffin, Managing Director, BLUNT Umbrellas

"Other than having a great team of people to work with, everything felt truly authentic in terms of the connection I had to the brand (The Horse). I felt seamlessly aligned with their overall vision and the work they’re doing to fulfill the clients needs”.  Traci Copeland, Influencer + Nike Trainer / Model

"Working with Jac + Bean felt like no work at all. Their team is authentic, helpful, and accommodating. Every interaction, whether it be an email or a meeting, was truly lovely and I think the content they put out is proof of that”.
Lauren Eggertsen, Fashion Editor, What What Wear